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50 States


Internet Usage

The internet is used with all students that have an Authorized Use Permission form (AUP) on file. Most all the programs we use involve internet use. It is imperative we have the AUP on file. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. We have a filtering system in place to block any inappropriate sites. Check the School Handbook Page to see all that pertains to internet usage in West Bonner County Schools.

Technology in the Classrooms

Every classroom in our school has at least 3 computers for Accelerated Reader testing, math centers and classroom projects. All are connected to the internet in the classrooms also. Every classroom has a projector to instruct. Technology is in use for curricullum enrichment.

Safe Search Engines

Fact Monster

Kid Grid

Library Spot


Awesome Library

SS-Civil War

Civil War Info and Quizzes

Ed Tech Civil War

Civil War Battles

Civil War Quiz

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